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May 27, 2008


wayne schulz

This app is a huge "not ready for prime time"

- It won't sync my contacts without removing the check mark to sync my calendar.

- On the first sync through it duplicated all my Mac addressbook entries.

Beware - only download if you have a lot of free time to restore the mess it makes.

Charlie Wood


It would be most helpful if you could submit a report of your findings to beta@spanningsync.com along with a report ("Advanced", "Create report...") so we can isolate and fix the problems you've found during your testing.



What does "Couldn't find owning contact" mean in the log?

Charlie Wood

"Couldn't find owning contact" means that a subrecord (email address, phone number, IM, or postal address) was found, but its owner wasn't. This typically means that the contact had no name, so the contact record was discarded.


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