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May 22, 2008


Martin Strandbygaard

Well, replacing all my contacts on GMail with my Address Book also wiped my Gtalk (Chat) contacts list, and all my contacts in GTalk have to be reinvited.

Otherwise, it works like a charm :-)

Charlie Wood


Thanks for the report. We'll investigate ASAP.



Backed up my data, downloaded and installed the beta, couldn't log in. Logged off my user, logged in again, tried the pref pane again. Still couldn't log in with my email address, all fields in the pref pane were blank. Restarted the computer, tried again. Then it's waiting for ass:


I can relate. Nevertheless I installed the stable version again, but after retrieving my user information it says that "Google couldn't generate your list of calendars". The web calendar is totally f****d up, most entries are gone for good. What now?


Same issue here: Installed the beta, couldn't log in. :(

Charlie Wood


It looks like there's a missing localized string there. "WAITING_FOR_ASS" means "waiting for Apple Sync Services". We'll get that fixed.

In the mean time, if you're having trouble logging into Spanning Sync, I suggest running the uninstaller that came with the download, logging out of OS X and back in, and then running the installer again. if that doesn't work, please send an email to beta@spanningsync.com with a description of the problem, and attach the file located at ~/Library/Application Support/Spanning Sync/synclog (where "~" is your home directory).



Installed beta software and got the following error.

Spanning Sync Trial

Thank you for trying Spanning Sync. The trial period has ended. Click "Buy" to purchase a license from our secure website.

Never installed this before and I have a clean OS install.

Charlie Wood


It looks like yo signed up for the beta before we launched v1.0 last year. I've extended your trial through June 7. Please let me know if you have any questions or run into any problems.



Hello, I quickly installed the beta only to get stuck. I was hoping to be able to sync multiple contacts lists from different google apps accounts with my mac address book. Is this possible?


I might have missed the option, but is there also the ability to upload Address Book photos to gmail contacts?


Chris Kan


I tried the trial of v1 last month too, however didn't proceed because I needed contact sync as well. Now the 2.0 beta says my trial has expired - does something need to be reset?


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