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June 11, 2008


Jeff Gill

> Changed first time calendar sync alert logic.

Since I installed this build on my MacBook running Leopard this morning, every time I try to sync I get the message:

"First time calendar sync

"It looks like you are about to sync calendars for the first time. What would you like to do?"

No matter which option I picked it would then be in progress for a very long time and then the message would pop up again.

Tired of this, I decided to Start Over. Now the same message pops up, but whatever option I choose, the message goes away but nothing happens. There is no more syncing.

This doesn't seem good.

David Brewster

I'm having the same problem. No matter which option I pick, the sync goes on for ages then eventually times out, either with

*** Connection failed. Error - timed out https://secure.spanningsync.com/osx/2/push


Sending data to Google...
Jun 13 10:26:16 -- *** Synchronous request timed out
Jun 13 10:26:16 -- *** The server timed out and didn't process any data.
Jun 13 10:26:16 -- ...done
Jun 13 10:26:16 -- *** The request timed out.
Jun 13 10:26:16 -- *** Sync failed for reason: The request timed out.
Jun 13 10:26:17 -- Sync complete

I've sent a full report to support via email.

Charlie Wood


Thanks for the report. Several other users have reported the same thing. I've seen some timeouts originating on Google's side this week, but we should catch those and not just time out ourselves. I'll investigate and let you know when I've found a solution.


Bob Tanner

I see 337 build, where's the blog entry? :-)

Charlie Wood

Gimme a sec...

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