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June 23, 2008


Todd Dube

After installing this latest build last night and now getting some calls from my contacts I've got Pictures missing from contacts and contacts getting more corrupt (email delete, phones, etc) more so than before...

Keep plugging guys, I love the tool...

Charlie Wood


Thanks again for helping us beta test. If you could submit a detailed report with the issues you're seeing to beta@spanningsync.com we'd appreciate it very much.



Is there any way to turn off the "trickle sync"? What if I add a calendar item and want to then close my computer and go - instead I have to wait and sync. I could choose to cancel the sync, but that has often produced bad results that create duplicates for my data or ignoring data.

Also, when I try to sync my palm treo, the mac doesn't like syncing two different items at the same time and it really screws with the data.

Since installing this build I've been running almost constant syncs for the last few hours....

When I'm adding multiple items to my calendar, and spending a ton of time in front of the calendar, I don't want to have it sync immediately, I want to have it sync when I tell it to.

So, could there be an opt-out of the trickle sync? That is a great feature some of the time, but I don't know about all the time....


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