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June 06, 2008



Works beautiful for me. Thanks a ton. Keep up the great work!


Just downloaded the beta and figured Id give a hand in testing this out.

Before my initial sync I read the READ ME FIRST file and seen that it was going to ask me if I want to conform to address book or google style and also ask me if I want to replace my google contacts with my address book ones. I flipped through the tabs and noticed my calendars were already checked to be synced and the contact's weren't. So i checked contacts to be sync'd. Then looking in the ADVANCE tab, I seen the option to REPLACE DATA ON GOOGLE. being the complete kinda guy I am, even though I knew your READ ME told me it was going to ask me if I wanted to replace google contacts, i went ahead and selected the REPLACE DATA ON GOOGLE option in the advance tab and chose to replace the calendar. After making that selection a popup asked me to sync now, and i knew I had done everything else so I did and then the box popped up and said this was the first contact sync and then asked me to chose the recommended style of sync (follow address book style) however I didn't get asked about replacing the google contacts with my AB ones. it began to sync, and then my conflict resolver came up and said I had 71 conflict. I just closed it. Then about 10 minutes later a Spanning Sync box popped up telling me Google would not allow me to sync a certain amount of contact because they were already there.

1. My local Address Book program got loaded up with hundreds of other contacts that were in my Google contact book. (don't worry, I backed it up)

2. I thought the google contacts were going to be wiped out first?

so basically I am writing to tell you that even though I chose in the advance tab to REPLACE DATA ON GOOGLE...it didn't. And I never seen that dialogue box option of replacing on first sync like the READ ME said I would. Maybe this is because I in fact went and made that replace data on google in the advance tab. if that's the case, maybe that shouldn't be available upon 1st sync.

that's all. good job. I will wipe out my AD and Gcontacts and start over from my AB backup. I'll continue to send any alerts as I see them. Thank you kindly.

- S. R.

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