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June 04, 2008



I want to add more than one google account to sync with? How do I do that?

Charlie Wood

Spanning Sync only supports syncing with one Google Account. However, you can sync with calendars from multiple accounts by using Google Calendar's sharing features to make them all available (read/write) to a single Google account, and then logging into Spanning Sync with that account information.


Since upgrading to 2.0 Beta (334), syncs are really slow (~10 minutes) where they were well under a minute. Could this be related to the recent Google API issues or is it a performance issue in the beta version of Spanning Sync?

Charlie Wood


The first sync after the upgrade to 334 is expected to be slower, but subsequent syncs should be very quick. You may be able to see what's being slow by looking at the (new in 2.0) log: Advanced > Open log window. If not, send a report (Advanced > Create report) to beta@spanningsync.com and we'll take a look.



Thanks for the info. Is it possible to do the same with the contacts? I need to sync multiple google account contact sets.

Charlie Wood

No, Google doesn't currently allow contact sharing so the same approach won't work. You can manually sync contacts from two Google accounts by logging into Spanning Sync with the first one, syncing, then logging into the second one and syncing again, but there's no automated way to do this.

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