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July 21, 2008



Great. I'll be updating tonight.

On a side note, any plans on a iPhone syncing application based on your infrastructure?


Ivo Muha

are the contact "groups" going to be synced in a future version?

Personally I have about 300 contacts and in I really need contact groups to be synced!

Thank you for your answer!


Ivo Muha

Benjamin check out www.nuevasync.com, they provide 2-way push (for mobile phones, especially also the iPhone) for google calender & google contacts.

Charlie Wood


The first release of v2.0 will look just like the beta, which doesn't sync groups but does allow you to select which groups contacts should sync from and to. We'll definitely be looking at adding group syncing to a future version.


Amy R. Cohen

I've just started using the current release (in trial), and my sense it that Spanning Sync will solve many things for me in making my rehearsal schedule for my upcoming play. Ideally, of course, I would be able to attach particular actors to particular rehearsals so that they can see who's supposed to be where in the Google calendar, while I make changes in my iCal.

My questions:
1) should I go ahead and try the Beta of 2?
2) (the annoying question) when do you expect the official release? (rehearsals start in a few weeks)

Amy R. Cohen

I forgot to say thank you!

Charlie Wood


We'd welcome your help testing the beta, but remember that when we say "beta" we mean it. That means that we believe there may still be bugs, so please back up your data often (as described in the ReadMe).

We hope to have v2.0 out of beta within the next few weeks, but we don't have a definitive date. Once we've fixed all of the bugs we with the help of our testers have found, and no one can find any more, we'll call it finished and ship it.

All that being said, I've been using the beta for my calendars and contacts ever since the first build was released, and I have yet to encounter any problems unless I was specifically trying to cause them.



Any update on how you will support contacts on multiple Google accounts?

Charlie Wood


Not yet, but we're giving it some thought.


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