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August 22, 2008


Rob Simmons

I Love this product so much it just works!
Couple of issues:

1) Can you add an option to suppress the Gmail Suggested Contacts from the synch? Gmail won't let the user disable it and I really don't need info@blah.com in my address book or on my iPhone...

2) Updates could you add the standard apple function to have the app check for updates either automatically or manually?

Other than that great work, you saved me from having to go the MobileMe route..


Rob Simmons

Michael D. Johas Teener

2.0 is constantly doing a resynch, even though I set it for once a day. Syncserver, MS sync services and spanning synch are constantly running and saturating my system.

Charlie Wood


We'd like to investigate. Could you create a problem report (Advanced > Create report) and send it to beta@spanningsync.com?



I just u/g'd to the RC 352. Now SS won't let me log in. The error message is "Google Calendar could not generate your list of calendars. Please try again later."

I'm using google apps, and it's not a standard gmail account, but was working earlier today. And gcal is currently working. Now, I'm frustrated.

Oops, just noticed that I'm not signed in (wouldn't let me) but the green light is on in my menu bar, and it's syncing. Hope it's not deleting everything - thank goodness for backups....



I am an administrator for several people's computers I want to test this for you.


Am I correct in assuming that Spanning can't sync Apple's contact groups with Google's contact groups?

Or is it just not implemented yet?

Charlie Wood


We don't sync contact groups yet, but we hope to add it in the future.



Please may you add contact groups as soon as possible ?
What happens now ?
Groups on google aren't displayed while stay INTACT in Apple Contact program ?


I am experiencing real problems with this version (Leopard latest version, MacBook Pro). The preference pane is not showing, it is creating all kinds of problems with the system. Are there any known issues with other programs?

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