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September 10, 2008


Maarten den Braber


I'm getting errors with this version:

Sep 11 11:00:03 -- *** Connection failed. Error - Operation could not be completed. (kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork error 302.) (null)
Sep 11 11:00:03 -- *** SGAuthRequest returned nil
Sep 11 11:00:03 -- *** Connection failed. Error - can’t find host https://secure.spanningsync.com/osx/2/push

(I have a paid version)


What about syncing multiple calendars in iCal with a single calendar in Google Calendar? Is this not being developed for v2.0??

Rob Simmons


This fixed all of my issues so far, I've seen some of the other comments and my experience was similar until I did the following.

The software conflict resolution is great, but it's worth giving it a good start.
As annoying as it is Clean up your google contacts and calendars as much as possible manually before you do the first sync.

Ever since I did this I've had no issues no matter if I updated iCal, Address Book, or Google contacts it just worked.

Only a few wishlist things:

1) I'd like the option of being able to toggle the log window ON/OFF to open whenever you open spanning sync preferences. It's nice to see what the sync is doing especially when you upgrade to a new version.

2) On the Advanced tab you can force overwrite Google from your computer... The option to force overwrite your computer from Google would be good to have.

3) Like I said before the only missing real functionality to make this product complete in my view, would be browser BOOKMARK Syncing... E.g Firefox/Camino <> Safari... Any iPhone user would buy this product for this and other options.

iPhone3G (v2.1) MacBookPro (OSX 10.5.4) Gmail!

As a self employed Consultant I live my professional life by the hour, Fly twice a week... I depend on my agenda & contacts being up to date, in google or Ical/Adress Book, on my Mac or on my Phone...

Like all truly good elegant software, I hardly think about it during the 24 hourly syncs per day, it just works keeping my life on track...

Thomas de Ruiter

I would like to request a new feature to improve my contact syncing experience :)

I would like to be able to select one specific contact group in Gmail and only sync contacts in that group with Addressbook, the way it works with Calendars.

This because I have a MSN Jabber transport, and I do not want to sync all my MSN Contacts which have a someone%hotmail.com@some.msn.transport e-mail address :'(

Removing their names is not an option for me.

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